Boats are valuable additions to our lives, they allow us to explore peaceful destinations on the open water, while also encouraging you to relax, appreciate the outdoors, and unwind with nature. Over time, however, your boat is likely to start to look a little dirty as bacteria from the water and dirt from the air begin to collect on the ship. When this happens, it is time to get to work and clean your boat back to it’s original glory.


Stains and discoloration are nothing new for anglers, especially on areas like the boating hull. For the best results, use a power washer to remove surface muck. Power washers give your boat the ultimate clean because they are specifically engineered for resolving tough jobs.


Now, although cleaning your boat is fairly simple, you need to have the proper technique if you want to save time. When you clean, you always start at the top and work your way down. Next, start at the bow and move towards the stern. This will ensure that you won’t have to go over any areas you’ve already cleaned.


Not only should you use a power washer for the boat’s base exterior but the carpets as well. Your boat’s carpet gets a lot of foot traffic that can push deep into the carpet fibers. Your power washer packs a serious punch and can lift dirt and grime that is buried deep in the boat’s carpet, making them look new again.


When you’re deciding on a cleaner, you want to purchase a boat or marine wash that is specially made to clean the salt, dirt, and grime off of your deck and everywhere around it. Some say you can clean with kitchen soap as an alternative, but we suggest going with a cleaner that will keep your boat looking like a million bucks.


Use a soft brush with gentle bristles on the boat’s superstructure like your vinyl seats, windows, deck boxes in order to avoid having it cause any damage. Drying is often overlooked in it’s importance but will guarantee you a spot-free shine afterwards. For drying you want to use a soft, dry cloth. When you’re drying your boat, use circular motions to avoid water marks or streaks.


Cleaning your boat should be a regular maintenance practice, not only does it increases value of your purchase by adding protection and restoration but gives you a happy feeling when you and others see your boat looking fresh. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your boat shines like the first day you bought it, even when it’s a few years old.

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